What’s new this week.

  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  • The restored Edition: Ariel by Sylvia Plath
  • Hand Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate Mcdevitt
  • Clothespin and Old Film Photographs that I miss.

Word World 1

You hope for the best,

but you can’t make the rest.

You said too many vows and yet,

You can’t understand it.

Maybe it’s too obvious that

Everyone should not believe too much

In the words they say.

For time will come, they might betray each other

In an unexpected way.


You don’t believe in books, don’t you?

Unappreciative of words, that’s what you are.

You hate hearing everybody speak, they seem nonsense to you.

You hate paper, you throw them everywhere.

Stories of others makes you sick,

If you hear your own story, would you be able to accept it?


Sobrang malas lang ngayong araw na ‘to, na sa sobrang malas e hindi na ako natatakot (sa ngayon) na sabihin yung word na “malas” dahil totoo naman.

Nagsimula yun nung pag-gising ko, tapos sa transportation which is the very famous MRT, nadulas there, yes, at the platform, then late sa time-in for work… again at syempre hindi mawawala yung stress mo sa work mismo. Or na-stress lang ako dahil nagsimula yung araw ko nang “kamalasan”.

Ayoko na sana i-emphasize yung word kaso hindi ako makahanap ng iba pang salita na pwedeng mag substitute sa word na yun.

Bukas, sana hindi na gayan. Sana walang bahid ng kahit ano man jan sa mga yan.

Kaya pa ba B3H?


There’s this place I cannot fathom,

this place inside my head that keeps my eyes open at night.

Thoughts overflowing through my veins, but I can’t catch them all.

It seems like it is written - that every thought I could think of, will touch me for a second, and will never come back again.

But i need them.

I need those words.

Be back, please.

I have this pen and paper beside me already, just come back,

I’ll make it count.

Some sort of a selfie.

Some sort of a selfie.

Given the fact that they are everything, they are born not to do anything.

— amvdg


I feel like I am always at the middle.

Like I’m supposed to be good

and bad.

While everyone’s doing their best,

I am doing what makes me happy

and what makes me tired.

I feel like I am always at the middle.

Everything’s like left and right,

positive and negative.

And yet, I have to choose.

But I can’t. 

I feel like I am always at the middle,

where everyone can’t stay forever,

even I,

and yet I wanted to.

Done with Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant and now it’s time for John Green’s paper town!

Thanks to my best friend for lending me this in exchange to my Eleanor and Park y Rainbow Rowell.

It’s times like this when reading or watching tv series would be so great. But before I read, I would like to have some bonding time with my bro’s ukulele first.